Sunday, December 3, 2017

UPl-AOPA joining Twitter #AOPAluxembourg

Since many years, our club maintains a website ( 

Following our November 2017 board meeting, we are happy to announce that UPL-AOPA is testing out its presence on social media, by launching our digital footprint on Twitter, during a six months period.

Twitter and 'tweeting' is about broadcasting daily short burst messages to the world, with the hope that your messages are useful and interesting to someone. In other words, microblogging.

UPL-AOPA uses this social media to communicate about events our club is organizing. We’ll further update our twitter account several times a week with aviation related news from Luxembourg and Europe, funny stories, short aviation related interesting stuff, always aviation and pilot oriented. Also, if we post new articles on our website or a new magazine gets available, we’ll tweet about it including the hyperlink.

UPL-AOPA will always tweet in a positive and constructive spirit as our aim is to develop a follower base of several hundred aviation enthusiasts from Luxembourg and abroad. 

For the ones who already are on Twitter, UPL-AOPA can be found under #AOPAluxembourg 

UPL-AOPA tweets can also be found online at 

In addition to its relative novelty, Twitter's big appeal is how rapid and scan-friendly it is: you can track hundreds of interesting tweeters, and read their content with a glance.

Yes, several AOPA organizations found their way to Twitter and are “tweeting” on a regular basis these days:
AOPA Netherlands
AOPA Germany

Twitter is very simple to use as broadcaster or receiver. You join with a free account and Twitter name. Then you send broadcasts daily, or even hourly. Go to the 'What's Happening' box, type 280 characters or less, and click 'Tweet'. You will most likely include some kind of hyperlink.
To receive Twitter feeds, you simply find someone interesting (celebrities included), and 'follow' them to subscribe to their tweet microblogs. Once a person becomes uninteresting to you, you simply 'unfollow' them.

You then choose to read your daily Twitter feeds through any of various Twitter readers.

We'll be posting tweets ongoing and referring it to our website rather than continuing to post it on this blog, which will be discontinued as of January 1st, 2018

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Mountain flying weekend 2017 edition

UPL-AOPA cordially invites you to the 2017 edition of their mountain flying weekend from September 1st till September 3rd.

great landings in the Alps

FLIGHT SCHEDULE 2017 edition

Friday 1/9
o  10.30>>15.00    o 15.00>>17.00   o17.00>>19.00        Instructeurs Aeroclub Annecy
o  10.30>>15.00    o 15.00>>17.00   o17.00>>19.00        Instructeur Avia-Alpes 
Annecy/Megève :  Méribel / Courchevel/including lunch in Megève
o  10.00>>15.00    o 15.00>>18.00                        Instructeur  Courchevel   départ Albertville
Albertville/ Courchevel ;  Alpe d’Huez
o  11.00>>15.00   Grenoble –Versoud with Mousquetaire  Instructeur Aeroclub-Versoud
Alpe d’Huez and the other altiports: St. Roch Mayeres;  Corlier ; etc. 
o  15.00>>18.00   Grenoble –Versoud with Mousquetaire  Instructeur Aeroclub-Versoud
Alpe d’Huez and the other altiports: St. Roch Mayeres;  Corlier ; etc. 

Saturday 2/9
o  10.30>>15.00    o 15.00>>17.00   o17.00>>19.00        Instr. Aeroclub Annecy
o  10.30>>15.00    o 15.00>>17.00   o17.00>>19.00        instructeur Avia-Alpes Annecy/Megève : Méribel/ Courchevel/ including lunch in Megève
o  10.00>>15.00    o 15.00>>18.00                        Instructeur  Courchevel   départ 
Albertville  Courchevel ;  Alpe d’Huez
o  11.00>>15.00   Grenoble –Versoud with Mousquetaire  Instructeur Aeroclub-Versoud
Alpe d’Huez and the other altiports: St. Roch Mayeres;  Corlier ; etc. 
o  15.00>>18.00   Grenoble –Versoud with Mousquetaire  Instructeur Aeroclub-Versoud
Alpe d’Huez and the other altiports: St. Roch Mayeres;  Corlier ; etc. 

Sunday 3/9
o  10.00>>12.00    o 12.00>>15.00                                    Instructeurs Aeroclub Annecy
o  10.00>>12.00    o 12.00>>15.00                                     Instructeur Avia-Alpes Annecy 
o  11.00>>15.00                                                                   Instructeur  Courchevel   départ 

The hotel we are staying is the IBIS hotel in Annecy. As it is high season in Annecy, you are invited to ensure your room reservation asap. A single room is 98€ , breakfast incluided. A double room is charged at 46€ per person, breakfast included. In order to secure your hotel at this rate, please send an email to, refering to this UPL-AOPA mountain flying weekend. In case you have an issue, please call the IBIS hotel at  +33 334 505 543 21

Please confirm your participation to the organizers on behalf of UPL-AOPA:
  • Kuy Ly ANG 
  • Jean Birgen   
They need the following information from the participants on the seven questions below
  1. Call sign of your private or club plane ?
  2. Are you coming by car ?
  3. Would you like to attend as co-pilot or as passenger ?
  4. Would you like to have a security pilot in your plane ?
  5. If you like to fly to Megeve, Courchevel, Méribel, Alpe d'Huez, Corlier, La Motte, you likely need a mountain flying instructore. Please inform Jean Birgenb and Kuy Ly ANG as they need to book an instructor in advance.
  6. Will you attend on Friday evening September 1st the dinner "tartiflette" at Sylvie's restaurant ?
  7. Will you attend the "fondue/raclette" dinner at Freti's restaurant on Saturday September 2nd ?
There is a pilot briefing on Tuesday 29th of August at 7pm at the Aéro-Sport clubhouse, please mark the date in your agenda.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

remarquable !

We received in our inbox an invitation of Luxembourger Arny Weber and his spouse Carine who are preparing to leave for Fayence as school holidays are starting in Luxembourg. What a nice initiative. Arny is a Luxembourg glider pilot, active in  the F.A.I. and he passes his summer holidays in Fayence in Southern France, where's he's gliding in the Souther Alps

Sounds so good, reason that we emailed Arny that we'll join the kick off party for the summer of 2017 between pilots in Fayence in Southern France. We'll enjoy the Luxembourg beer under the sunny skies of Fayence.

Luxembourg party in Southern France

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Report on "Going Dutch" weekend July 2017

5 pilot crews confirmed their participation at this new fly out we organized for UPL-AOPA. In order to coordinate activities, a whatsapp group was set up. That proved to work out very well. The weather outlook was reasonably good for most of the traject bringing us from Luxembourg and Trier to Texel on Friday, July 7th.
what is on a pilot's mind ?
485 nautical miles route

Only the last part north of Amsterdam proved to be marginal VFR with low hanging clouds. Quite tricky, which caused one pilot to cancel his participation.

low ceiling at Texel

descending to 1000 feet proved necessary
islands in sight
Three crews landed safely in Texel. The fourth plane, Stefan Stefansson, skipped Texel and decided to fly directly to the AOPA fly in in Twente. No worries.

We were lucky with the hotel reservation at the airport hotel of Texel. Sleeping with views of your plane is a great feeling :) But prior to go to bed, the hotel owner, Walter arranged us a seafood dinner at the harbor of Texel. The food proved to be E X T R A O R D I N A R Y . The pictures below say it all

Saturday morning, a weakened rain front was passing. No worries, we had our bikes and have been discovering the island of texel. B I G  fun !! We had mixed feelings as we deemed that our stay on Texel was not long enough. Guido and Dani Peterzelka and their daughter Livia decided to extend their stay on the island. Smart decision, next year we'll plan a longer stay on the islands

Rajiv Aurora and Alfons Hesels arrioving with their Cessna 172

Great scenery

Peterzelka's Beach Bonanza with V-Tail - 150 knots

Livia and Dani Peterzelka

Krista Touquet enjoyed biking on Texel so much. 

The sportive Peterzelka family

nights in texel are a bit shorter than in Luxembourg
Together with Alfons Hesels and Rajiv Aurora in the Cessna 172, we continued as well in our Cessna to the AOPA fly in in Twente where we were expected by our colleagues of AOPA NL. We landed at the right moment, plenty of planes and live music. Hereunder is a video !

Of course we enjoyed watching planes and discussing the dutch AOPA team, who did a marvelous job of getting their airfield nearby Enschede ready for general aviation.

We missed Stefan Stefansson, who just left when we arrived. No worries, our fly-out are entirely free, we create a program, but every pilot is absolutely free to adjust it to whatever suits him best.

Luxembourg and Dutch AOPA board members, committed for general aviation

In the evening hours, we discovered the town of Enschede, a very vivid town with plenty of terraces. We met our friend Maarten Top and his lovely wife Silvia. On Sunday, we all returned to Luxembourg, whilst making a fuel stop in Genk Zwartberg, where my son assisted me. Maybe a future pilot as well. Hereunder is the video

We were all back home by Sunday afternoon, exept Guido Peterzelka and his family, who was still swimming in the sea of Texel. Guido enjoys the good life. His Beach Bonanza flies up to 150 knots, way faster than our Cessna 172, who cruises the skies at some 100 knots.

They finally stayed until the evening hours in Texel and only flex on Sunday evening back to Luxembourg. With Flight radar 24, the other participants as well as Reinhard Krommes were following his flight as weather was getting a bit stormy in Luxembourg. Via whatsapp, we were sending him live weather updates as the thunderstorm south of Luxembourg got very nearby. But end good, all good. Guido landed shortly after sunset on Sunday evening.

Some thoughts for the 2018 edition: Texel was definitively a great place, in July 2018 we'll go to discover Ameland. We'll ensure to have a more relaxed program, so we can enjoy biking around the island for some more time. Biking and flying , a great sportive combination !

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Feedback long range tourist rally Hans Gutmann, 2017 edition

The pilots who attended the long range tourist rally  Hans Gutmann returned to Luxembourg. A highlight of this rally who brought them to Sint Petersburg was the visit of Lech Walesa, of Solidarnosc in Gdansk. Here are two pictures with this living legend

Monday, June 26, 2017


                      Aéroport, le 26 juin 2017

Monsieur François Bausch
Ministre du Développement durable et des infrastructures
4, place de l’Europe
L-1499 Luxembourg

Monsieur le Ministre,

C'est non sans soucis et avec une certaine appréhension que la LACA suit les problèmes auxquels doit faire face actuellement l'aviation générale basée à l'Aéroport de Luxembourg.
La LACA est d'avis que l'aviation générale doit pouvoir avoir toute sa place à Luxembourg, et cela pour plusieurs raisons:
-          Les mouvements (près de 17000 sur un total de 86402 en 2016) générés par l'aviation générale  dans un espace aérien contrôlé forment une partie non-négligeable du volume de travail du contrôle aérien luxembourgeois. Au niveau de l'administration ANA en tant que ANSP, ces mouvements (près de 20%) participent non seulement à la raison d'être de l'ATC, mais aussi des services météo et AIS, car c'est surtout l'aviation générale qui est demanderesse de ces services, les compagnies aériennes commerciales ayant depuis longtemps leurs propres départements concernant la gestion de la météo et des plans de vols.

-          C'est l'aviation générale avec ses clubs qui attire bon nombre de jeunes et qui ouvre les portes à de nombreuses carrières et vocations dans le domaine de l'aviation. Mis à part les nombreux pilotes qui ont débuté leur carrière dans un club d'aviation et qui travaillent aujourd'hui chez Luxair et Cargolux ainsi qu'à l'étranger, ce sont également d'autres métiers directement liés à l'aviation qui en profitent. Mécaniciens d'avions chez Luxair et Cargolux, professionnels dans les métiers de la santé auprès de la LAR, nombreux sont les jeunes qui y sont arrivés par les clubs d'aviation et les portes ouvertes. Le contrôle aérien en a également largement profité: le service ATC/APP compte parmi ses effectifs 8 pilotes ou anciens pilotes, et les clubs d'aviation restent un endroit privilégié pour y recruter de nouveaux contrôleurs aériens.

-          Il n'existe actuellement au Luxembourg aucune autre alternative pour l'aviation générale,
Pour conclure, la LACA est d'avis que l'aviation générale luxembourgeoise, par le biais de ses clubs et écoles d'aviation, constitue une opportunité unique pour de nombreux jeunes qui peuvent ainsi accéder aux différents métiers de l'aéronautique "made in Luxembourg".

En espérant que vous continuerez de soutenir une aviation générale dynamique et créatrice de vocations et d'emplois au Luxembourg en trouvant des solutions acceptables pour tous aux problèmes actuels, nous vous prions d'agréer, Monsieur le Ministre, l'expression de nos sentiments distingués.

Claude Schmit

Président LACA

Thursday, May 18, 2017


UPL-AOPA cordially invites you and your family to our:
Friday July 7th – Sunday 9th 2017

Luxembourg – Texel (EHTX) – Enschede/Twente (EHTW) – Genk (EBZW) – Luxembourg: 485 NM

Good atmosphere- good friends !

Weekend highlights:
·         (Electrical) Biking at Dutch North Sea island of Texel
·         Joining international AOPA international pilot’s fly in at Enschede/Twente with entertainment program for young and old
·         International pilot’s BBQ at Enschede /Twente airfield
·         White night at party town Enschede


Organiser: Peter Sodermans, board member UPL-AOPA

This upcoming fly-out of UPL-AOPA brings us to the Netherlands. On Friday morning July 10th, you’ll fly 216 NM to the island of Texel at the Dutch coast, where you’ll check in at your hotel

Sweeping white-sand beaches, wildlife-rich nature reserves, sun-dappled forests and quaint villages are among the highlights of Texel, the largest and most visited of the Wadden Islands. About 3km north of the coast of Noord-Holland, Texel (pronounced “tes-sel”l) is 25km long and 9km wide. You can either enjoy a relaxing day at the beach or discover the island per (electrical) bike

On Saturday morning July 11th after breakfast, you are flying 90 NM to the newly re-opened airfield nearby Enschede airport (Twente), where the Dutch AOPA organizes an international Fly-In.

Because the event is also promoted by AOPA in Belgium, the United Kingdom, France and Germany, it promises to be an international pilots gathering actively supported with host Enschede Airport Twente, will provide a full-fledged program for young and old.

There is a wide variety of delicious food and drinks from local suppliers; there are very interesting and entertaining seminars to attend; there will be various stands of interesting aviation companies, such as aircraft brands, maintenance and training.(seminars about Mobile flite deck, short field landing, etc….)

You’ll end the day with a luxurious barbecue where the Dutch AOPA and the Enschede/Twente airport promised to take special care of you and your family!

UPL- AOPA Members have free access and do not have to pay a landing fee (you have to bring your UPL-AOPA membership card with you however)

The more courageous can jump into the nightlife of Enschede with plenty of bars in the city

On Sunday morning July 12th, you’ll take it very easy and will be flying out to Genk-Zwartberg in Limburg, Belgium (91NM) where we’ll enjoy a relaxing lunch on this vivid airfield where there’s always something going on. From there, we’ll have a short flight to Luxembourg (78NM)


Pre tour briefing
Tuesday July 4th at 7pm                     Pre tour briefing at the Aéro-Sport clubhouse
Wednesday July 5th at 7pm                Pre tour briefing at the Aviasport clubhouse

Friday July 7thth  
10am                      Flight from Luxembourg to Texel
Check-in at hotel
2pm                        Guided tour of the island per (electrical) bike, covering the island highlights
                                Or simply enjoy the beach
7pm                        Group dinner
Saturday July 8th 
9.00 am                 Take off for Enschede airport (Twente), where we are welcome by AOPA Netherlands
10:45 am               Joining the international pilots fly-in with a full program for pilots and passengers, setup by AOPA Netherlands.
5.30 pm Pilots BBQ at the Enschede/Twente airfield
9 pm                       Discover the bars and exciting nightlife of Enschede
Sunday July 9th 
10.30 am               Take off for Genk Zwartberg , where we’ll enjoy a small lunch prior to fly back home


Please fill out and return by email: – prior to June 25th 2017

First and last name:                                                                                          ________________

Address/ZIP/City:                                                                                                                        ___

Phone:                                        Mobile:                                          email: _________________________

Plane information

I’ll join with my own or another private aircraft    r private aircraft     LX-                         
                                                                                        r club aircraft          LX-                         

Your passengers     First name:                                             Last name:                             
First name:                                             Last name:                                            
First name:                                             Last name:                                            

Do you have available seats in your plane: If yes, how many ? __________________

Arrival times:
r Friday July 7th, 2017   Arrival at Texel (EHTX)       approx                   hr
r Saturday July 8th, 2017   Arrival at Enschede/Twente (EHTW)   approx                   hr

Hotel reservations: night 7/8thth :

Texel: it is high season in Texel with little hotels availability left, pilots are advised to make room reservation by themselves asap via (there’s a free cancellation option, please book right away).

We suggest the following 5 hotels for our pilots and their passengers:
 - Airport hotel (very limited availability)       reservation link   è more than 190€
  In the village of “DE KOOG” there are several hotels nearby each other with availabilities
 -Hotel Tesselhof ***                                         reservation link è (rooms 90€ and more)
- Hotel De Pelikaan ***                                     reservation link è (rooms 100€)
 - Hotel Greenside Texel ****                         reservation link è (rooms 150€ and more)
- Fletcher Hotel - Restaurant de Cooghen **** reservation link è (rooms 130€ and more)

Please insert which hotel you have booked for your team in Texel: ______________________

Hotel reservations: night 8th/9thth :

Enschede: it is high season in Enschede, pilots are advised to make room reservation by themselves asap via the website of the Vandervalk hotel ****, with the option to cancel for free.
Reservation link è  (rooms at 100€)

Please insert which hotel you have booked for your team in Enschede: ____________________________


1.      Fill out the registration form (preferably enter your details directly in word) indicating your details as well as the names of your passengers, so we can notify the AOPA organisation in the Netherlands(practical arrangements BBQ)
*     Please indicate whether you have a seat available in your plane for other pilots or participants
3.      For convenience reasons, please indicate your estimated arrival time in Texel as well as Enschede/Twente
4.      We’ve noticed that the available rooms in Texel are very scarce, reason to proceed right away with your hotel reservation. We have provided you here above a number of suggestions. It is not possible to book the whole group in the same hotel. We’ve selected hotels in the village of “DE KOOG” at the Texel Island, which are at walking distance from each other. The selected hotels can be canceled free of charge, reason to make reservations today.
5.      We have provided you in the registration form with hyperlinks to make the hotel reservations. You are solely responsible for making the reservations and for cancelling them when the weather is bad and you cannot make it to Texel or Enschede. UPL-AOPA or UPL-AOPA is not involved in this process and we have no spare rooms available.
6.      Please insert in the form which hotel you booked in Texel and Enschede, so that the organisation has an overview
7.      Once the registration form is completely filled out, please return it to Reservations are accepted until June 25th
There is no registration fee, this fly-out is free of charge.
If you have any questions, send an email to organiser Peter Sodermans at